My thoughts are with everyone in Auroura, especially this wonderful lady’s family and friends xxx

Pithy Ponderings

Today the tragedy in Aurora, CO came too close to home.  We feel isolated where we live, but Aurora is not so far.  It is were my husband works. It is where we shop.

Today we learned that a young woman my son knows was wounded. We learned that most of his friends lost someone this week or are standing vigil for those hanging on to life.

My son was only a toddler when the Columbine shootings occurred. That tragedy could not touch him. He remembers clearly 9/11 even though he was young. But this horror has touched his world, and will change him.

We are the lucky ones, we hurt inside, but we were not in the nightmare. I ask you to please pray for those who were there that night, pray for their families and close friends, pray for their rescuers. Pray that their suffering is comforted, that the nightmare…

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