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Lessons for Peace and Spiritual Intelligence.

Samurai culture appears to be much misunderstood. Many people find it hard to get beyond the images of flashing swords, exotic suits of armour and epic battles.

If we think about the martial arts, however, most of us understand that practitioners of the martial arts are forbidden to use their skills for selfish or aggressive purposes. Such fighting techniques are supposed to be for self-defence, or for the defence of others who are threatened or attacked.

From a spiritual intelligence point of view this is interesting. Jesus, of course, told his followers to forget about ‘an eye for an eye’ and instead to ‘turn the other cheek’ if someone struck them or tried to hurt them. Gandhi famously was a man of peace who refused to become involved in violent conduct of any sort, even though his declared intention was to rid India…

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  1. Hi Lisa. Glad you liked the post, and thanks for re-blogging. I still have vivid memories of the day the world heard what had happened at Kent State, and to this day it’s impossible to come to terms with the fact that a nation’s armed forces could be used with deadly force against its own citizens, especially young people who were unarmed and non-violent, simply protesting against an unjust war that their country was waging. There’s still such a long road to travel to ensure peace in the world and an end to wars. Hoping you are well. G.

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