My shortest blog ever

Today saw a man charged with the Hyde Park Attack in 1982.

It also saw a machete attack in Woolwich which is currently being investigated by the police as a ‘terrorist attack’

I can never condone violence of any sort, or the inciting of violence.

As a survivor of an act of political violence, I see it as my responsibility to try to understand the reason for conflict and violence, so we can try to prevent it in the future.

I’ve just been asked privately what the actual F the world is coming to…

Well in short, here it is…

People who support violence will keep on killing each other, and innocent people too; while the majority stand back, and do nothing apart from complain how dreadful it is and demonize one of the sides involved in the violence – which encourages more violence.

The majority will not even consider that this contributes to the problem, as they themselves would never consider committing the violence themselves.

A few people who have survived such a thing will work tirelessly to try to understand it and prevent it happening again.

No one will thank, respect or help them in their efforts; and it will continue until we survivors, and the families left behind  are the only ones left.

Then it will end.

But we will be left with the pain of it.


Maybe we could all try to see things from different perspectives, listen to people who are ‘different to us’ and understand how similar we all really are, stop fueling hatred, connect as humanity, finally stop using violence to get what we want – and then it will end.

The choice is ours.

As someone who really understands what their families are actually going through, of course my thoughts are with their families and friends tonight; and with all the lives wrecked by what happened today.

But thoughts just aren’t enough.


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