Peace Fun and Laughter

So, the main blog I think will probably remain quite a serious place where I contemplate serious things, now I’ve started so well, I think it would be a shame to ruin it with the more random stuff I enjoy.

But we all need a little, or a lot, of fun sometimes. So cakes, crotchet, dancing, cocktails, The Daisypuss and other fun random stuff will live here… in the happy place.

So, it only seems right the first bit of great excitement I should report on is the return of my friend M!

M has been in Kenya for 3 months, quite literally saving African children on a volunteer project!  How proud I am to call him my friend.

So I and no doubt a number of other waifs and strays will be there eagerly awaiting his return, uncharacteristically early on Monday morning!

And then it will be time for one almighty catch up!

I have my instructions…

  1. collect at airport,
  2. make him a Singapore Sling for breakfast (it will be lunchtime Kenya time)
  3. talk shit for 24 hours

I can do that.

Well he does deserve a hero’s welcome, so the boy will get what he wants:-)

I think 3 months of photographs on facebook seeing all the great work he’s done has definitely made me realise what I need to do more of one day in the future. I loved my time in Cambodia, helping others.

This last week, I have spoken at The Peace Centre and returned home reinvigorated, and passionate to do more for peace, and to one day work in the tough environments where help is needed most.

Just like my amazing friend M.

Welcome home buddy, we have missed you, and your absence has taught me a lot x

it will be great to have you back, even if it is just for a little while, one day we will travel the world together, I promise!


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