The Domino Effect

Drop your pebble in the mainstream… cause a ripple…

Since writing ‘Underneath my skin I’m screaming’ I’ve been inspired to create that Domino Effect I spoke about!
apathy mlk

Here’s how it will work… if you have a campaign or cause you are passionate about, and want to share your message… post something in the comments box below on this page!

Sure, we wont all agree on everything – but in my humble opinion, that’s what makes the world a beautiful diverse and vibrant place!

All I ask in return is that you also share some of the causes and campaigns of others who post, including my own.

Just pick the ones which do make you think ‘I like that’ and be respectful of the ones which are less important to you.

Connect and join forces with people who share your values, but as I say, be tolerant and respectful of the things which aren’t important (or you may even disagree with).

If I can talk to honestly and openly with people who have committed political violence – then i hope if you chose to share on this page you are able to practice similar respect for the opinions of others.

As long as it’s not offensive, racist or inciting violence, it will be approved – please be sensible!

Apart from that, bullying, offensive language or behavior is the only other thing which wont be tolerated!

I’m reluctant to get into ‘politics’ but I do support all good causes and important issues!

I will also tweet about it, and I ask you to do the same!

I will also create a facebook page where you can also share, and make connections with like-minded people and hopefully form some alliances and be able to collaborate!

Here’s how we will work together

  • Post your own campaign, cause or webpage in the COMMENT box below (so this can be shared on the page)
  • Tweet about it using the hashtag #dominoeffect
  • post about it on your facebook page sharing this webpage address
  • Tweet / facebook post about at least 3 other campaigns or causes on here that make you smile or think ‘yes’

It’s that simple!
Be The Change!

Together we can create a domino effect and bring our voices together so they can be heard.

You can also add your details to the contact form to so you can receive regular updates if you wish.

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[These Histories Travel With Me] The Domino Effect 

Helen Harrop
Lisa this is such a brilliant idea – I get weirdly shy/awkward about promoting the causes I care about so it’s lovely to be prompted to share here 🙂 I’m going to be cheeky and mention two causes that are dear to me. The first is the Maytree which is a lovely big house in London that offers a place of sanctuary and care for the suicidal. You can read about them and my fundraising efforts here: The second is Give Blood ( – I was a lapsed blood donor until a couple of years ago and when I tried to give blood it kicked off a chain of events that ultimately lead to me needing a blood transfusion. To try and repay my debt of gratitude to the folks who made my transfusion possible I set up a Give Blood, Get Art project to try and lure people into doing something amazing: I look forward to reading about everyone else’s favourite causes 🙂


One response to “The Domino Effect

  1. I am moved by your passion and your ability to take action, making ripples in the vast Ocean of Life. My particular ripple is to make “Sound for Peace” using the holistic resonance of Gongs to bring Peace, Harmony and Health to the world.

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